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It was an accident… I promise.  When accidents happen, call us.  We will eliminate the stain as well as the odor.  A much better solution than eliminating your beloved family pet! Proudly serving the fine communities of Greensboro and Brown Summit.

Pet Stain Removal

Your family’s lovable pets can be your carpet’s worst enemy.

We’re here to help you eliminate any pet odor and stain problems. You’ll have a better relationship with your pet after we provide our service.

Even the most well-behaved pet can have an accident or can get sick on your carpet. And unless the urine is properly extracted, further damage to your carpet, pad and flooring could possibly occur.

We provide the most comprehensive pet odor removal process available.

In some cases, normal carpet cleaning or light deodorizing may be all that is needed. However, in more severe cases, the pet urine might have soaked through the carpet, and into the pad. It could possibly even soak into the floor and tackstrips.

In these cases, each level of the problem must be addressed to successfully eliminate the problem. We have a process that can take care of any of these situations. We even have a tool that can extract pet urine from your carpet padding without removing the carpet.

Call Go Dry Carpet Cleaning.  We’re happy to provide a free inspection and estimate and let you know EXACTLY how we can help you.

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